Company introduction

G.O.Z.O, born in 2013, is a newly created ceramic brand under Create-tide Group (Since 1998). Create-tide, the mother company, has been serving hundreds of ceramic factories with its professional technology and experience for decades, specializing in producing and selling ceramic chemical raw materials such as Inkjet ink, glazed, pigment, frit, etc.

Company & Honor

The group was listed in China stock market (No. 300285) in 2014. Standing on this unique ground, we never work without a dream of making unique tiles and running the business of our own. After well-considered preparations, CHARMA arises to the stage. Inspired by nature, created by artisans, we firmly believe that, in this era, it is the products that are to prevail.



3 effetti materici di base reinterpretano attraverso la sensazione tattile, 3 texture